Attention Hairstylists

Calling all hairstylists looking to own their own business and become their own boss! Headhunter Hairstyling has openings for anyone looking to expand their business and venture out into the exciting world of hairstyling. For more information, click here.

Our Stylists


Owners and Operators

We started Headhunters in 1978 with a single target, you! As a team we have worked together for over 41 years to build Headhunters into a Pensacola household name.


Whether you're seeing us for your regular appointment, getting trimmed up for that important meeting, or getting dressed up for an extravagant event, we will get you there. Whatever your style or occasion, we want to be the difference.


40 Years Experience

Theresa has been with HeadHunter Hairstyling since 1981. She's a Pensacola native and has been a stylist and cosmetologist for 40 years now. A fabulous Master Stylist with multiple talents, she loves doing hair. Whether it's color, cuts (long or short) and everything in between! Reach out and give Theresa a call for a consultation. No matter what you need, she's got you covered.


25 Years Experience

Paula McCaleb Finley, Master stylist colorist owned and operated 5 salons in California prior to relocating to Florida. traveled extensively working as an educator platform artist for several color companies such as Matrix, Kadus, Brocator, Framesi, Redkin, Prav Anna and others. Her background is in hair and makeup design for photography and print and formal occasion. She trained in progressive cutting design specializing in contemporary color techniques designed to enhance and maximize the features and styling desires of each individual.


12 Years Experience

Krissy is originally from Manhattan, KS. She graduated George Stone as a color specialist and has been doing hair for 12 years now. Since then she has stayed current on the latest trends and styles by taking numerous classes and following all of the hottest celebrities. Krissy really enjoys working with people and making sure all of their hair needs are met. She will go above and beyond for her clientele and makes it a point to be available nights and weekends to fit their needs. You can call Krissy directly to book your appointments at 850-261-1869.


20 Years Experience

Kathy joined our staff as a wonderful package with Maurene. As a Master Stylist, she exudes a beachy free lifestyle that has grown her business to the vast clientele she has now. You can call Kathy directly to book your appointments at 850-516-0135.


57 Years Experience

Tony recently joined the Headhunter family. After 57 years of owning Esquire Barbership, Toni closed his doors and moved to Headhunter Hairstyling. Toni works Monday, Thursday, and Friday. He welcomes walk-in clients but you can also call him directly to book your appointments at 850-607-1715.