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Lionfish are Ripping the Pensacola Ecosystem Apart

Many of you know but some do not. We have a serious epidemic on our hands, and it's happening just below the surface of our Gulf. We have a dire situation on our hands with the Lionfish population. It's tearing our ecosystem apart. This is an invasive species with no natural predators in our area and they're growing unchecked at an alarming rate. This is very similar to the python situation in the Everglades. Scary stuff here folks.

The great news is that we can all do something to help alleviate this problem. I found this video online and it gives some great perspective on how big this problem actually is. This video shows Alex Fogg entering into basically a field of Lionfish and making quick work of them. And this is just one spot! You're a real patriot sir. A modern cowboy. A mercenary. A crusader. Kill them all Alex, kill them all...

Sorry, I got a little carried away there but that's pretty much the only solution we have. We have to eat every last one of them. Which should have everyone rejoicing because Lionfish is a delicacy! "Excuse me sir, how would you like your Lionfish filet tonight? Blackened with lemon butter sauce, a side of sauteed veggies and I'll wash it down with a nice lager." Atleast that's the kind of conversation I hope to have every night. Mmmm, beer. There I go getting side tracked again.

Any-who, the take away I hope you get from this is to start doing your part to help out Pensacola. Even if you can't get out there and spear every Lionfish in sight, you can certainly spear them onto your fork and help in that way! It's open season on these little boogers.

Team work makes the dream work.

You can find more videos of Alex spearfishing Lionfish here,

Before you head out into the Gulf to get your spear game on, stop by Headhunters for a quick cut. Make sure you have a fresh cut when your taking pictures next to all of your trophies at the end of the day!

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