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Blue Angel #5 and Fat Albert Escort Capt. Jeff Kuss Home

Growing up in Pensacola you come to realize that the bases are a huge part of Pensacola’s identity and foundation. The Navy and Air Force bases are teaching/training facilities that not only bring a lot people to the area (many for life) but also generate revenue for the local businesses.

(Funny side story; when I was a little girl, we had a monkey training facility for Ms. Baker, the first monkey in space.)

Anyways, it goes without saying that no matter if you’re a military person or not, as a Pensacola native, you identify with the Blues and boast about them with those who don’t know their greatness.

This evening, at 5:30, I walked over to Palafox Street from the salon, and joined thousands of other people waiting for the fly over of Fat Albert and Blue Angel #5. At 5:48 they appeared with a #6 painted on the side of Fat Albert and escorting Capt. Jeff Kuss. They left just a single trail of smoke in their wake. A very symbolic and touching moment. Welcome home Capt. We all love our Blue Angels and in this moment it was particularly tough to keep the tears back thinking about the magnitude of what we were witnessing. I’m so sad that his family has to go through this, and I know all of Pensacola’s heart goes out to them in this tough time.

Rest In Peace Capt. Jeff Kuss.

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