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The Newest Male Hair Trend

Are you a dude? Have you ever looked out into the gulf or the ocean and thought, I need some wavy hair to get my swagger back? Are you looking for the next male hair trend to stand apart from the crowd?

Then let’s do some crimping.

That’s right, you heard me correctly. The new latest and greatest hair trend making waves (pun intended) across the nation is crimping. If your first question is, “what is crimping?” we’ve got you covered.

(Crimping Video here)

For our purposes, according to the google machine, crimping means to “make waves in someone’s hair with a curling iron.” But, however you want to define crimping, it is SUPER hot in the streets! I’m about to go get crimped right now because you don't want to be the last to get into a trend. In the words of the great Babe Ruth (via Sandlot), “People get remembered, but Legends never die.”

Words to live by Smalls. Be a legend, a trendsetter, an innovator, or a trailblazer. Start Crimping.

Check out the video and book an appointment with your favorite HeadHunter Barber or Hairstylist today!

- Bonus, name that quote: “If you aint first, you’re last”

*drops mic*

- Reynolds

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