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REMIX! My Top 5 Places to Eat and Drink on Pensacola Beach

So scrolling through my facebook feed last week, I saw a few friends had liked a list ranking the top 10 places to eat and drink on Pensacola Beach. Naturally, as a native I had to check this list out to see if it stacked up against my own list. It did not.

It looks like the who's who of tourist attractions with a few actual solid picks for the list. I personally would give their list a C grade, but everyones opinion is different (mine is normally correct) so I thought it would be fun to dish out my Top 10. Only my Top 10 will actually be two top 5's. I think drinking and eating are two separate things and to combine them would do a disservice to some really good watering holes that don't normally get much love. So without further a-do, here are my two top 5's!

Starting off with the food, here are my Top 5 Restaurants on Pensacola Beach:

5. Dog House Deli - The surprise on the list. Awesome dogs any way you want it and they're open late for a tasty 4th meal.

4. Native Cafe - Your breakfast headquarters on the beach. Very cool little cafe but make sure to get there early if you're trying to beat the weekend crowd.

3. Grand Marlin - Perfect date night restaurant. Some of the best high end seafood in the area. Also have live music and delicious brunch on the weekends.

2. Peg Leg Pete's - All of their seafood is excellent but their oysters are a must-have. Whether you like raw or baked, they're fresh, and delicious. Their grouper fingers are a must try too.

1. Sidelines - The best wings outside of Buffalo, and TVs in every direction so you never miss a game. Sidelines has to be your headquarters for every major game and especially all football season.

Now to the good stuff, the Top 5 Bars on Pensacola Beach:

*All of these spots sport live music on the weekends*

5. The Islander - Cool local joint with a rooftop hangout. Specialty shots and drinks at good prices. What else could you ask for?

4. The Break - When you go to the Break head straight to the bar and check out the wall behind it. They boast a list of 100 or so shots that their bartenders can mix up for you. I myself have only gotten through maybe a quarter of them but my journey through the hundred is ongoing!

3. Paddy O'learys - Locking down the Irish pub scene is Padddy's. The only Irish pub on the beach makes this your go-to spot for a nice pint of Guinness or to get the night revved up with a car bomb!

2. Sandshaker - One of the older bars on the beach, this is a prime pick for locals who like listening to local bands and have a good time. Take a ski shot with your buddies or make some new friends on the outside dance floor!

1. Flounders - Home of the Diesel Fuel. They also boast a very tasty Bushwhacker. During the summer months Flounders transforms from a family friendly restaurant to THE party spot. Start your night here, end it here, or never leave and you're guaranteed to have a good time.

Shout out to 3-5. They're very close to each other and a solid spot to end your night at.

Well, there it is folks. My two top 5's. I would say that this is a spectacular list but I'm interested to hear what others think. Comment below to give your list.

Till next time,



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