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Pray these kids will do the right thing

"Fourth-graders welcome to name the two boats that will ferry passengers between Pensacola and Fort Pickens

Gulf Islands National Seashore wants fourth-graders from Escambia and Santa Rosa counties to name the two boats that will start ferrying passengers between Pensacola and Fort Pickens in 2017.

Susan Teel, Gulf Islands spokeswoman, said the plan is part of the national Every Kid in a Park initiative encouraging fourth-graders to explore the country's national parks.

The deadline for names to be submitted is April 18, and the winning names will be announced May 16. The two winners of the naming contest will join in the inaugural ferry ride and can bring along three guests.

Under the contest guidelines, fourth-grade teachers in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties can submit two suggested names. The names must be related to Gulf Islands National Seashore and its cultural and natural resources.

Entries should be submitted to Brent Everitt at and should include contact information for the teacher, the name and address of the school and brief description of why students chose the names."


So it looks like the Gulf Islands National Seashore is giving 4th graders an opportunity to name two ferry boats. I think we're all on the same page here when I say we're all urging these kids to do the right thing when naming this boat. They must name it, Boaty McBoatface II. It's only right.

It seems only fitting since the last (major) boat naming that was left to the general public ended in a $300 million boat being named Boaty McBoatface. (See the article here) Probably one of the biggest blunders on the British governments part, but a real win by the common folk. Gotta show those dummies what we're capable of... Lots and lots of sarcasm. Very sadistic sarcasm. The best kind.

Now lets all cross our fingers and hope these are some sick 4th graders and they can pull through for us on this one.


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