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Junior Golf in Pensacola

The smell of freshly cut grass, the morning dew in the air, the cool breeze shifting around you as you take a practice cut. We're talking about golf today. It's a game many of us are passionate about and few have mastered.

When my twins were younger, we were members of the Greater Pensacola Junior Golf Association (GPJGA). We had a great time learning more about the game of golf together. My twins competed in tournament style events and I got the chance to walk the course along side and watch them grow with the game in front of my eyes. It's a great organization to belong to and support, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone out there looking to introduce their child to the competitive world of golf. I think golf is a great game and teaches many valuable lessons other than just different ways to curse your swing.

I saw something very interesting the other day about one of my good friends Marty Stanovich. Marty is the Executive Director at First Tee of Northwest Florida, an outstanding local organization that teaches the youth of our area life lessons and values through their unique learning experience and golf. I read in the paper that Marty and the First Tee are going to resurrect the old Goofy Golf course on Navy Blvd. Great move! I love the idea of bringing a piece of Pensacola back to life, especially when the purpose is to teach young children.

We have such a rich history in Pensacola and we keep that intact by having people such as Marty and organizations such as First Tee making actions like this.

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