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Trick-or-Treat, 38 Years Later

It's our Anniversary!

Today marks HeadHunter Hairstylings’ 38th anniversary! I’m so thrilled that we’ve been around as long as we have and we can thank all of our friends as well as the community for continuing to support us all of this time. It means so much to my wife, everyone that has worked at HeadHunters and myself because our shop was built on hard work and long hours. But, everyone already knows that story. A story that many people don’t know is how our anniversary came to be on Halloween. I’ll set the scene...

In 1978 I was working for a Salon on 9th ave in Pensacola. I was young, bored, and was looking around for another Salon to work at. I kept getting turned down because my boss, at the time, was the secretary of the Barbers Union. Yes, there was a barbers union in 1978. One day I was speaking (more like venting) with my parents and they said, " why don't you open your own shop?" ?@$#@#%&%^#$% That’s something I've never even thought about. At the time I thought that was a bad idea, in hindsight it was a great idea.

So after some contemplation, I decided to go for it. I found a banker who would take my car as collateral and borrowed $1600 to open my own shop.

I submitted for my license and received it. I had everything lined up and an opening date set for 11/1/1978, but fortune would have it differently. At about 2:00 pm on Halloween, a man walked in and said, “I've been looking for someone to cut my hair, I’ve got 30 minutes to get my hair cut. You need to hurry I'm catching a plane.” So I informed him I open tomorrow November 1st as my license depicted. He said, “OK when you open tomorrow how much will you charge then?” I promptly answered, “ten dollars.” He threw $15 on the counter and said, “Here's a tip, cut my hair for free.” :) And that's how Halloween became my opening date, Trick or Treat!

I think the 38 years have been a great treat for my family. Stop by and wish us a happy anniversary or comment below!

Sea Ya, The Hair ~~~~__/) ~~~~ Jeffory S. Hunt

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