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Roses for One of Our Own

Check out this amazing write up by Sean Smith on Ellen Hunt!

Ellen is a staple and part owner of Headhunter Hairstyling and in her free time she drag races sailboats (the tortoise version of drag racing). Now on the 29th running of the Race for the Roses, the idea for the first ever womens-only race came to fruition in 1988. A fabulous idea and it has certainly taken off in the community, and now the region. Women-only race crews from around the gulf come to compete against the best of the best for this race. It has now been named the GYA Women’s PHRF Championship!

Even though she may not win the race every year, a case can be made that her rag-tag crew always has the most fun. The Reach Around and the "You Suck" crew (a term of endearment with them) will once again be out on the water with the zinc on their noses, going for gold. You can see them whipping around the bay in one month on July 23. Show up and chase your favorite boat or join in at the after party.

Good luck ladies, and no matter what happens, there WILL be roses!

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